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Varnish & Metal finish for your luxury but Sustainable product

Available soon

A new era for Plasti-Max Group!

From 2024 we will proudly greet a new business into the group: the cosmetic packaging.

Our vision has always been to be in line with the times, but also forward sometimes!

For that reason, we recently decided to invest in a new technology (not only for us) which allow us to enter in a slightly different world than ours, of finishing by varnishing and metalizing, mainly cosmetic, packaging.

Whatever the material (plastic, metal or glass) and part of the packaging you want to finish (bottles, caps or jars) we will be able to offer a varnishing and metallization surface coating by an innovative, sustainable and high-performance process.

More sustainable

Look luxury feel sustainable

Luxury finishing

Varnish and metal finish

Material versatility

Surface coating on different materials

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