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About us

From a little buttons’ factory, to a global company…

Plasti-Max‘s adventure dates back to 1958 thanks to Arnaldo Mazzucchelli, founder and President, in Grumello del Monte, close to Bergamo.

The company has always been able to innovate its business in line with market demands: in the 1960s, the production expanded to collar stiffeners and seals for shirts; in the 70s to shirt hangers, socks hooks, supports for clothes and linen, up to sophisticated plastic containers for products that require protection and maximum visibility of the internal pack.

The company’s big competitive advantage is related to the continuous technological innovation of its production structure, the ability to create items with a sophisticated design and the attention paid in the choice of raw materials, which allow Plasti-Max to always be up to the most demanding, specific, complex and detailed requirements of its clientele.

Experience has allowed us to develop fundamental skills:

  • combine the passion for handcraft with the most advanced technologies;
  • adapt products to customer needs and market demands, even if different from our core business;
  • always find new solutions, new technologies and new materials.

Since 1958 Plasti-Max is a reference point for its customers.

Our strength

Italian quality, design and management in every branch


and ability to customize the product, and above all the service. Working up close to the customers allows us to understand their needs also in terms of service; we always try to grant every request, even if different from our standard procedures.


of our commercial presence and production line, guaranteeing the same Italian quality and service abroad, in areas where there’s a greater concentration of textile plants, and we can assist our European customers closely.


the production of hangers and anti-theft devices requires not only technical abilities, but realize and offer a product in the best way possible means making something strong and re-usable many times which is the first step in protecting the environment we live in.


in a constantly developing world, there’s the need to be always in line with the times but that’s not enough. That’s why we are always looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to offer to our partners by investing at least 10% of revenues in R&D every year.

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“Be the best of whatever you are.”


60 years’ experience

Expertise & Innovation

Advanced technology

Accurate Execution

High-Tech Machinery

Development of new businesses

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Plasti-Max stands as the world leader in the supply of plastic hangers and anti-theft solutions. Its mission is increasing growth rates, and providing customers with a better service every day by expanding towards new international markets and discover new businesses.



Plasti-Max bases its success on precise entrepreneurial choices, including the one to privilege the synergy between accurate, typically artisanal, manufacturing and the use of the most advanced technologies. The company’s distinctive feature is the ability to evolve its production in line with the demands of the market and every single customer.



Plasti-Max products are the result of an internal “circular economy” that involves the entire production process: direct reuse of internal waste, use of certified recycled materials from separate waste collection and regenerated packaging.

Everything produced with at least 30% renewable energy.

Our History

  • 2023

    Introduzione di un nuovo settore nel gruppo…

  • 2019

    Produzione accessori per orologi

  • 2017

    Costituzione ed ingresso nel gruppo della trading company in Cina, Dongguan Plasti Max Trading Co., Ltd.

  • 2012

    Nasce Plasti-Max Group con la costruzione di una nuova unità produttiva in Egitto, King Plast S.A.E.

  • 2000

    Plasti-Max rafforza la sua presenza globale avviando nuovi mercati e nuove partnership nel mercato asiatico

  • 1990

    Dispositivi sicurezza per occhiali da sole;

    acquisizione di due nuovi stabilimenti produttivi vicini alla sede principale

  • 1980

    Nuovo settore: dispositivi di sicurezza per oggetti di valore

  • 1970

    Introduzione di grucce per camicie, ganci per calze, sostegni per indumenti in genere e biancheria

  • 1960

    La produzione viene ampliata a stecche e colletti per camicie

  • 1958

    Arnaldo fonda Plasti-Max

“3R”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Plasti-Max embraces the “3R motto” : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Reduce 0
Reuse 0
Recycle 0

Domestic but Global

Plasti-Max has always been a family owned company.

Knowing how to combine innovation and tradition is itself a “challenge”, that only an aware management can face. The mission of Plasti-Max Group management is to consolidate foundations laid during the years, to ensure that even future generations can understand the meaning and pass it on in turn.

Another important value that the company has been able to pursue is to always get in step with the times. There was an historical period in which innovation meant internationalization: it is not predictable the association of this term to a family business. However, Plasti-Max expanded its production and commercial skills where it could have been able to support its existing customers and why not, where it could have developed the portfolio. Thus, the Trading Company in China and the production branch in Egypt became part of the group.

Obviously different scenarios involve different difficulties, it implies evaluations to understand the best port of destination and the best way to land. It implies adapting to the local reality, “setting aside” what are Italian culture and traditions to discover, understand and respect the local ones.

It also implies – unfortunately – discovering that the difficulty is greater than expected.

It’s all part of the game, and to paraphrase the motto that has always guided Mr. Mazzucchelli, and so all of us, you must never be afraid and stop in front of what appear to be insurmountable obstacles because one day they could turn out to be opportunities and constitute an added value.

“Mai Pura” (Never Afraid)

cit. Arnaldo Mazzucchelli 

Founder & President

Discover the references of Plasti-Max Group branches, do not hesitate to contact us in the most convenient branch!


198 West 21th Street, Suite 721, New York


Phone: +20 1026697676


Via G. Micca, 68 24064 Grumello del Monte (BG) ITALY


Phone: +39 035 830340


Bdg. 1 Of Stars Landmark, 08 Unit, 8th Floor, Building 1 of Stars Landmark, Hengjiang Xia Village, Changping Town, Dongguan (PRC)


Phone: +86 0769 83996356