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Plasti-Max is the undisputed world leader in the production and supply of plastic hangers and anti-theft systems for eyewear.

Over the years, we have broadened our horizons by approaching different businesses, increasing the products in the catalog, and enhancing the current growth rates to provide an ever-better service to our customers.


Design, Usability & Customization are the main features of Plasti-Max products’, thought to meet clients’ needs: standard items intended for GDOs to more sophisticated ones for exclusive brands.


Underwear & Beachwear / Lingerie & Light Clothes / Child / Home Textile / Garments / Footwear


The packaging enhances the item displayed and so the brand itself. For that reason, we offer different solutions to any kind of packaging and way of displaying.


Hooks / Rings / Accessories' Hangers

Gift Boxes

Our boxes of different shapes and sizes, can enhance the item during the selling and can have a “second life” being used for other purposes based on client’s need: re-usable packaging is even sustainable.

Gift Boxes

Boxes - Gift Boxes

Antitheft devices / Security tags

Protection is the goal of our devices. Security can be guaranteed by a mechanism, or acoustic. Suitable for items intended for GDO or private labels/retailers.

Antitheft devices / Security tags

Eyewear / Personal Care / Valuable Objects

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Ad Hoc projects, Why not?


Lingerie Hangers - Clothes - Accessories Hooks


Plastic accessories for changing table breast pump levers

Home Textile

Towels’ hangers - hangers for laundry - carpet suction cups

Home Furniture

Drawers - hangers’ shops - Customized hangers

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