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Looking for a reliable and effective antitheft device for your glasses?
Explore and select the best options available.

For 40 years, the best partner in protecting your business.

We stand together with opticians and retailers to study and develop anti-theft devices.
Their requirements combined with our know-how and expertise, give birth to innovative and efficient solutions able to fit any kind of needs and point of sale: shops or large scale distribution.

There’s no need to choose between appearance or functionality, our products combine both of them; and if you can’t find THE solution you’re looking for, just work on it together.


The latest device development: safe, handy and versatile.

We started from our best-seller and made it magnetic: the singular mechanism of the “Blocky” family has been the key strength of the line.

Why not revamp it with an even more practical, easier and quicker opening?


The mechanism make it tamper-proof


A “click” application & removal


Thin or thick spectacles, its structure covers a wide range of thickness without losing in safety or aesthetic.

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