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Varnishing & metal coating


We are glad to share the latest updates on the big change we announced for 2024.

The brand-new in-line varnishing and metallisation system has been installed!

We extended and verticalised our areas of expertise to be your sole partner, being at your side from molding to packaging finishing.

We can finish the pack by applying a stable, high-quality varnish and metal coating, achieving the same luxury result on different substrate materials.

We automatically process many pieces per hour, consistently guaranteeing excellent quality.

Finally, the outcome is a perfectly varnished (and metallized) packaging!

Send us your pack, we will varnish it.

We are aware of the impact of this kind of process on traditional methods, so we decided to invest in an innovative and green solution to achieve our main goal: optimize the process and drastically reduce the wastage, bringing its environmental impact to (almost) zero.

Less varnish and energy than traditional methods

Cost-saving both in staff and material

No use of toxic chrome derivatives and no harmful waste products

We are injection plastic experts.

Our production plant, which consists of 40 injection machines, is capable of producing your packaging with any required plastic.

We’d have complete control over the entire process, from production to finishing, in order to save time and costs in the supply chain.

For more information, feel free to contact us!