Plasti-Max, which dates back to 1958, was established by Arnaldo Mazzucchelli – now President of the Company – as a button-manufacturer in via Don Lazzari, in Grumello del Monte. The Company has experience in adapting to market trends and demands. In the 1960s production changed to collar stiffeners and seals for shirts; in the 1970s, business widened to shirt hangers, with small hangers for socks, display supports for clothes and underwear, coat hangers and even sophisticated plastic containers, always adding accessories for products to give protection and maximise appeal.

Plasti-Max’s main competitive advantage is the application of innovative technology at every stage from understanding customers’ requirements at the design stage, to recommending the appropriate product material and then moving into final production in quantities to suit its clientele.


Plasti-Max’s mission is to become a world leader in providing plastic hangers and anti-theft systems for glasses, expanding its international horizons, enhancing current growth rates and delivering better service to its Customers.


Plasti-Max bases its success on precise entrepreneurial choices, including the one to privilege the synergy between accurate manufacturing, typically artisanal, and the use of the most advanced technologies.
The company’s distinctive feature is its ability to evolve its production in agree with the needs of the market and every single customer.



Ever conscious of our environmental responsibility and keen to major on eco-compatible materials and to minimise waste, Plasti-Max seeks to achieve “zero-impact” by re-cycling old and/or returned products.

In 2010 Plasti-Max invested in a Photovoltaic plant with 380 MhW of power which will reduce our Co2 emissions by 20%.

Un due course, other similar investments will follow in the hope of doing more for the environment.

Maximum power installed 380 Kwh
Photovoltaic modules 1660
Emission reduction Co2 – Kg/years 210.000 Kg/anno
Estimated annual production 375.000 Kwh


Always sensitive to the needs of its employees and the entire community, as well as attentive to local social problems, Plasti-Max in 2004 donated a crèche to the local community of Grumello del Monte.

This facility provides for up to 40 children, helps both Plasti-Max’s female employees and other families in the town. It is ideally located for its purpose and set amongst the greenery and quiet of the surrounding countryside.